“What is SHIN-EIKEN?” –A Dialog between English teachers–


A: “Hi! You look so worried. What’s the matter?"

B: “I’m at a loss how to teach English. My students look bored and some are sleeping in class."

A: “I have a good idea. Why don’t you come to our English teachers’ meeting next Saturday?"

B: “What kind of meeting is it?"

A: “It’s the meeting of Shin-Eiken teachers. We share our experiences and find better ways to teach English."

B: “Sounds nice. How can I join you?"

A: “Monthly or occasional meetings are held at each local chapter and we can talk about various issues such as good teaching materials and methods."

B: “I’m afraid I’m too busy to attend every meeting."

A: “Then you could come to the annual conference in summer. Teachers from all over Japan get together and learn from each other."

B: “Well, is there any other way to get information about Shin-Eiken activities?"

A: “Here is a copy of the monthly journal Shin Eigo Kyoiku. It is full of useful articles."

B: “I have never seen it before. How can I get the magazine?"

A: “You can buy it at a major book store, but if you join our association, the magazine will be mailed to you monthly."

B: “Gee. Are you a member?"

A: “Yes, I sometimes attend the meeting and enjoy the party after the meeting, too."

B: “Can I just go for the party?"

A: “Just the party? Sure, why not? It’s always nice to talk with people with similar problems and interests."

(Nov. 28, 2004)


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