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Kanto Regional Meeting in Minakami, Gunma 2013

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Caring and Creating Learning Oppotunities for Every Student
A high school student, after reading the story on Coco Chanel, wrote:
I will design the clothes for small children. These clothes are pretty and cool.
I will design the clothes for babies. These clothes are soft and gentle.

How do the students acquire the abilities for designing their own lives?
How do the teachers design their classes to encourage them to grow up?
The meeting may be held on cold days with snow, but we hope the participants will have enthusiastic discussions and information exchanges, and also relax with the hot spa.
Dates Jan. 5, 2013 (13:30) - Jan. 6 (12:00)

Hotel Matsunoi
(Minakami Hot Springs)
551 Yubara, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma
TEL: 0278-72-3200

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*Joetsu-Shinkansen "Jomo-kogen St." -> Kanetsu-Kotsu Bus for "Minakami St." -> "Suwahara Koen Iriguchi" bus stop
*Joetsu-Shinkansen "Jomo-kogen St."(13:07 Max Tanigawa 409) -> Hotel Bus
*JR Joetsu Line "Minakami St." (12:35/13:24/14:39) -> Hotel Bus
*Kanetu Expressway "Minakami IC" -> Hotel (5min.)
Schedule The 1st Day Sat. Jan. 5th
Lecture with Activities <spoken in English>
"Acknowledging and Valuing Minority Students in the English Classroom"
Lecturer:Cheiron McMahill(Professor, Daito Bunka University)
Minakami New Year Market
Buy various teaching materials or exchange information on teaching English.
The 2nd Day Sun. Jan. 6th
< Special Internet Group Sessions >
Learning by the children with developmental disorders and/or learning disability
Theme: Rational Consideration for the Students with Difficulties in Reading and Writing in Classroom
Reporter: SAITO Riichiro(Ota Flex High School, Gunma)
Teaching in Junior High Schools
Theme: Encouraging Students through Lexical Learning, Reading Aloud and Home Study
Reporter: MATSUMOTO Ryoichi(Futaba Junior High School, Fukushima/Kisai Junior High School, Saitama)
Making Tend-to-be-Slow Learners Lively
Theme: Aiming at the Class with Words and Hearts Exchanges between the Teacher and the Students
Reporter: MURATA Kyoko(Kuki-Minami Junior High School, Saitama)
Participation fee:
¥3,000(2 days), ¥1,500(1 day)
<students: ¥1,000(2 days), ¥500(1 day)>
Hotel charge:
¥10,000 a night, with dinner and breakfast included / sharing the room with other participants
Fax / Mail:
You can download the registration form in PDF.
Fax: 0270-20-2059
Mail: 2-1089-10 Akabori-imai-cho, Isesaki, Gunma 379-2215
Deadline Dec 14, 2012
* Contact Mr.Kato(Gunma Shin-Eiken) in order to register after the deadline.
Gunma Shin-Eiken:
KATO Teruoクリックするとメーラが開きます。 TEL & FAX 0270-20-2059
Other Branches:
Ibaraki-NIIZUMAEmiko:クリックするとメーラが開きます。 04-7184-8874
Kanagawa-HAGIWARA Ichiro: 045-421-0684
Chiba-UNO Tomohiro:クリックするとメーラが開きます。 04-7100-4192
Yamanashi-ISHIYAMA Hiroo:クリックするとメーラが開きます。 055-284-6286
Saitama-ASAKAWA Kazuya:クリックするとメーラが開きます。 048-825-1006
Tokyo-YASUNO Kazumi:クリックするとメーラが開きます。 070-5020-8105
Gunma & Tochigi-KENJO Shohei:クリックするとメーラが開きます。 0279-23-2130

(Dec.14, 2012)